Energy Network Arena Concept (ENA)

The Energy Network Arena concept (ENA) has been developed in collaboration with energy companies and other major players in the market.

OTD Energy is about being a meeting place for networking with partners and suppliers. We have therefore developed the network concept, ENA, which becomes an efficient meeting place for exhibitors and which makes less demands on stand construction, but is more economically efficient and optimized for meetings and networking.

Our goal is for ENA to become a future-oriented networking arena where the entrance fee for participation is low, and where the business benefit for the individual participant is significantly greater than during today’s trade fairs.

Illustration of a 40 sqm ENA meeting booth.

Who is the ENA format suitable for?

The ENA format is suitable for operators, contractors, wind consortiums or players who want to make contacts in the industry. These are typically companies that do not have physical products to sell and have a large network around the company.

The ENA concept is an exhibitor stand of 40 – 60 or 100 square meters. The stand can have a simple profiling with one or more meeting tables and meeting arenas. Furnishings are included in the ENA package.

Stakeholders book meetings directly with the ENA exhibitor and the exhibitor decides for himself which meetings to accept or decline. That way, the ENA actor can optimize time by both booking meetings in advance and being able to meet suppliers and partners directly at the stand. The exhibitors keep the meeting list afterwards.

ENA exhibitors get access to all conferences, meetings and all other activities at OTD Energy.