This gives the fair general faith in the best OTD Energy of all time


More than 70 percent of the total area from 2019 has already been ordered. Now the fair is approaching 200 exhibitors and full halls, and before the launch of exciting news, the program and new market opportunities. Olufsen believes there are several reasons for the record interest. 

– It is rational and effective to have digital meetings, but nothing beats seeing, experiencing and meeting people physically. This is something everyone, regardless of industry, misses doing. It is part of our identity. Namely, developing new technologies, markets and opportunities together with others. You do not get the same experience of doing this through digital meetings. 

This is also the core of what OTD Energy is all about. Namely, doing business and talking together to build up market opportunities and develop the industry further. Olufsen and his colleagues will release a lot of exciting news in the next few weeks. News that will add value to both exhibitors and visitors through new meeting places, concepts and professional refills at conferences. 

Although COVID-19 is still out in the community, Olufsen goes to great lengths to confirm that the fair runs as planned by the stack on October 20. – 21. in Stavanger. Health authorities have stated that all adult persons should be vaccinated during the summer. 

– When even Espen Nakstad has signed up for Birken in August, we have every reason to believe that OTD Energy will become a reality in October. Here the industry will have a golden opportunity to start the gears again and create the OTD of all time in Stavanger,» he concludes.