Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for OTD ENERGY 2023

1 Terms and conditions 
Each exhibitor at OTD Energy is bound by all terms and conditions specified in this document. This applies regardless of whether the exhibitor has expressed reservation of any kind, unless the relevant reservation has been accepted in writing by OTD AS (“OTD“).

2 Sharing of a stand area 
If several companies share a stand, all the companies must be registered as paying exhibitors and individually pay the registration fee. All exhibitors will be listed on the stand sign, floor plan and exhibitor list.

3 Sub-let stand space 
It is not allowed to sub-let your company’s stand location, or part of the stand location, to other companies without the approval of OTD. The stand area is for registered, paying exhibitors only, and documentation that the stand and registration fee is paid must be available for inspection in order to secure access to the exhibition area.

4 Allocation of stand area 
OTD will attempt best possible coordination of the exhibition. Exhibitors will receive confirmation of the stand location immediately after the floor plan is designed. OTD has the right to reject  registration and/or reduce or increase previously announced stand area if the exhibition is fully reserved. An inability to meet the exhibitor’s requirements for a certain placement of the stand does not give the exhibitor the right to cancel the order, require a price discount, or claim compensation or the like. OTD makes the final decision to award stands, and reserves the right to reject any application at its own discretion.

5 Registration and cancellation 

The registration is binding once registration has been done through our web pages or the exhibitor has received confirmation from OTD. The exhibitor is liable for the registration fee (NOK 5 000, – ex VAT), if cancelled earlier than fifteen (15) months prior to the exhibition. 

The exhibitor is responsible for 50% of the total stand rental cost and the registration fee, if cancelled earlier than twelve (12) months prior to the exhibition. After this date, the exhibitor is liable for 100% of the stand rental cost and the registration fee. Failure to comply with the payment terms will entail loss of the allocated stand. In such a case OTD is entitled to dispose the stand area at its own discretion. If a registered exhibitor decides to withdraw from the exhibition and/or cancel the stand area, OTD assumes full control over the stand area immediately after receiving a cancellation. Cancellation terms according to this clause will apply. Confirmed orders for and purchased Evening Tickets are all non-refundable. 

By giving 45 days notice to the exhibitor, OTD (at its own discretion) has the right to postpone the time of the event for a period of six months from the originally planned date. A postponement beyond this six-month period will release the exhibitors from their obligations to OTD.

Terms of payment 
The payment terms are net 30 days. Documentation that the stand and registration fee has been paid must be available for inspection in order to secure access to the exhibition area. 

For all bookings made by 31st December 2022, 100 % of the stand rental cost and 100% of the registration fee will be invoiced on February 1st 2023. For all bookings made after February 1st 2023, 100% of the stands rental cost and 100% of the registration fee will be invoiced immediately. Orders made for additional Evening Event Tickets will be invoiced approximately 60 days before the exhibition – please note that confirmed orders for and purchased Evening Event Tickets are all non-refundable.

7 Non-payment 
Non-paid stand area according to Clause 6 will be cancelled. Failure to comply with the payment terms will entail loss of the allocated stand. In such case OTD is entitled to dispose the stand area at it owns discretion. The exhibitor will still be responsible for the total rental cost and registration fee according to Clause 6.

8 Insurance and responsibility
The exhibitor is responsible for all damages, and/or damages to facilities or inventory, caused by its employees, contractors, volunteers and assistants.  The floor must be protected against oil spill, paint and chemicals. The floor may be covered by carpets, linoleum, vinyl etc., but painting the floor or fixing materials to the floor with adhesives, staples or drilling is prohibited. No changes to the exhibition area, inventory or other property is allowed. Bolting to floor, walls, ceiling or columns is prohibited and exhibitor bears responsibility for any and all additional costs in such cases. Exhibitors need an insurance policy to cover all types of damages possible to occur during transportation from exhibitor’s warehouse, office, pier or similar before and after the exhibition. The organizer accepts no responsibility for exhibitor’s goods and equipment during the exhibition. Exhibitors are responsible for insuring against any damage.

9 Public areas
Exhibitors must meet standards and special regulations from OTD, the organizer, the police and fire department.

10 Force majeure
OTD or cooperating partners reserves the right to postpone or cancel the exhibition in case of force majeure or if other substantive grounds exist. Exhibitors may, at OTD sole discretion, have the rental cost refunded, but is not entitled to claim any other compensation or damages.

11 Governing law and Disputes 
This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Norway.

Disputes arising in connection with or as a result of this agreement or the exhibition, and which are not resolved by mutual agreement, shall be settled by arbitration unless the parties agree otherwise. Any arbitration proceedings shall take place in Stavanger.

If the parties have not reached agreement on the composition of the arbitral tribunal within three weeks of the request for arbitration, the arbitral tribunal shall be appointed jointly by Stavanger District Court.