Who can you meet
at OTD Bergen

OTD Bergen has a long tradition of being an efficient meeting place where suppliers, contractors and operators meet to explore new solutions, do business, build networks, maintain contact with customers and suppliers, orient themselves in the market and recruit new employees. We have seen a trend in recent years where the major players send their entire purchasing department to OTD Bergen.

In 2021, there were 8,000 visitors in Bergen. An analysis carried out for the year shows that around 40 per cent of the participants came from the large operating companies and contractors. 54 per cent of the visitors represented the supplier companies, while the remaining approximately 6 per cent were students from energy-related studies.

Visitors came primarily from petroleum and maritime companies. In recent years, we have seen more and more visitors from new players linked to the renewable industry. At the same time, several companies are also diversifying into the renewable industry.

The survey also shows that 17.1 per cent of the visitors held directorships, while 27.5 per cent were managers. This means that 44.6 per cent of the participants at OTD Bergen have positions with decision-making authority. 11.5 per cent of visitors have engineering positions, but 10.6 per cent work in purchasing or projects. Sales positions were represented by 9.4 per cent.

These areas of work were most represented:

(Director: 17.1%, Manager: 27.5%, Engineer: 11.5%. Procurement/project: 10.6%

Sales: 9.5%, Advisor/lawyer: 5%, Technical/research/analyst: 4.4%, HR: 2.2%, Student/other: 12.4%)

Companies with the most visitors:

  1. Equinor
  2. Aker BP
  3. Aker solutions
  4. Aibel
  5. Schlumberger Energy
  6. Transocean
  7. NOV Halliburton
  8. Baker Hughes
  9. ConocoPhillips
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