Seven reasons to participate in trade fairs


Here you will find our 8 best tips for how to succeed as an exhibitor at trade fairs.

1. The important first impression

We only have one opportunity to make a good first impression. Studies show that there is a strong connection between people’s first impressions and how a relationship develops. The same applies to you as an exhibitor. In a matter of moments, potential customers have established an opinion about whether they like your brand or not.

As a trade fair exhibitor, this means that you must think carefully and plan how you and your stand will appear, so that those you meet get a first impression that creates curiosity and interest.

2. Face-to-face marketing

With CRM systems, Zoom, Teams etc., technology has given us many advantages and new ways of communicating. However, technology cannot replace the value of meeting each other and the human factors involved in negotiations and contracts.

During fairs, you get a unique opportunity to close sales and generate new leads.

3. Increase the visibility of your brand name

For smaller and larger companies, trade fairs provide unique opportunities to increase visibility and network on a personal level. News and products can be presented at the fair and the follow-up can take place directly with the customers at the fair. One tip is to create an inviting stand where customers and potential customers can meet your company in pleasant surroundings.

Many customers coordinate exhibition at trade fairs with a separate strategy for social media and marketing. Thus, they can invite customers to their stand in advance.

4. Overview of the industry and monitoring of competitors

At trade fairs you can get an overview of the trends in your industry. Where are today’s needs and which products and services will be in demand in the future? You will get an overview of who your competitors are and how they position themselves in the market.

At trade fairs you also get an overview of the latest technology in the market – how you can use it or how to position your company in relation to the new conditions.

5. Be a player in your industry

All players have a position in their industry. At trade fairs, related companies meet under the same roof. If you meet other professional players from the same industry, you will often find opportunities where the collaboration can extract synergies from each other’s skills.

Trade fairs are the ultimate way to build networks and learn more about the other players in the industry.
Especially in the times we are in, it is important to show yourself off and say that the company is functioning in the best of health.

6. Showcase new products and services

Launching products at trade fairs is the best way to maximize exposure and get in direct contact with customers. Here you can use the means available to give potential customers the best experience of the product.

7. Listen to the customers

At trade fairs, you come into direct contact with customers and can get direct feedback on products and services. Knowing how customers experience your brand can provide valuable insight. It can help you in the work of taking care of existing customers and how to get hold of new ones.

There are many other good reasons to participate in trade fairs. OTD Energy gives you access to the energy industry with a focus on technology and sustainable solutions, but if this is outside your target group, a simple Google search can provide an overview of exciting trade fairs in Norway and internationally.